City of Redlands employees that are paid in excess of $100,000.00

This data was provided by the City of Redlands in response to a California Public Records Act request. 9/13/2010
It must be noted that the data supplied by the City is not what was requested. The potential buyback and overtime was not included. This resulted in underreporting almost all of the City’s employees’ pay and benefits, including the Police Chief’s pay by $66,951.83 a year.

This is the CPRA request and raw data that was provided by the City.

Pay and benefits data posted on the City of Redlands website

  • Source Updated 03/01/11
  • Source Updated 02/17/11
  • Source Updated 08/17/10
  • Source Updated 08/05/10


Name Description Salary & Benefits = Total
Bueermann, James Richard Police Chief $368,413.04
Amount reported on the City’s website Police Chief $435,364.87
Martinez, Nabar Enrique City Manager $336,442.94
Amount reported on the City’s website City Manager $341,044.20
Frazier, Jeff L Fire Chief $327,187.97
Amount reported on the City’s website Fire Chief $326,891.88
Mchugh, Daniel City Attorney $295,250.05
Amount reported on the City’s website City Attorney $304,093.60
Garcia, Rogelio D Police Lieutenant $257,109.59
Ryan, Shawn Michael Police Lieutenant $255,808.64
Catren, Christopher Police Lieutenant $247,145.43
Martinez, Travis B Police Lieutenant $244,633.59
Young, Stephen A Battalion Chief Shift $242,602.58
Topoleski, James G Battalion Chief Shift $239,057.95
Hoerning, Rosemary Barbara Municipal Utilities Director $237,773.99
Orci, Oscar Walter Community Development Director $234,153.44
Macdonald, Scott Fire Battalion Chief $233,975.06
Marshburn, Timothy L Assistant Fire Marshal $223,471.76
Graves, David J Fire Captain $221,347.90
Kundig, Tina Tomaso Finance Director $219,343.21
Amount reported on the City’s website Finance Director $223,245.77
Burgess, Larry E Library Director $214,074.32
Amount reported on the City’s website Library Director $299,729.73
Hexem, David Lloyd Chief Information Officer $208,087.68
Layel, Vonn Allen Police Sergeant $202,848.68
Jolly, Leslie $198,981.49
Wright, Ken J Police Sergeant $196,700.21
Floyd, Jeremy William Police Sergeant $193,135.82
Hardy, Mark P Police Sergeant $193,135.82
Moore, John D Police Sergeant $193,135.82
Reiss, Michael J Police Sergeant $193,135.82
Pompa, Joe C Fire Captain $188,837.89
Crow, Daniel J Fire Captain $188,236.09
Yzquierdo, Roberto Police Sergeant $185,681.89
Clark, Fred Donald Fire Captain $184,920.88
Mousavipour, Farhad $184,832.56
Davis, Mark E Fire Captain $183,512.97
Scott-Leistra, Deborah Kay Human Resources Director $183,482.49
Newlin, Keith Arlen Fire Captain $182,809.56
Longman, Kenneth B Fire Captain $182,224.05
Sessler Ii, Richard Alan Fire Captain $182,224.05
Chappell, Dempsy L Fire Captain $181,622.25
Smith, Ricky Paul Police Sergeant $181,206.86
Diggs, George Chris Chief Of Water Resources $180,479.37
Mcmath, Michael J Fire Captain $178,457.53
Welsh, Terence R Fire Captain $178,417.11
Crane Jr, Stephen W Police Sergeant $177,191.80
Ohlson, Derik Conrad Police Sergeant $177,191.80
Fea, Stephen M Fire Captain $176,088.97
Howard, Michael Thomas Fire Captain $176,088.97
Ketcherside, David Lee Fire Captain $176,088.97
Denman, David Anthony Fire Captain $173,058.57
Sandberg, William R Fire Captain $167,157.96
Steele, Thomas M Assistant Finance Director $166,550.51
Martinez, Leslie Estella Police Corporal/Investigator $166,531.55
Bryant, Kelvin D Police Corporal/Investigator $165,447.32
Capps, Andrew R Police Corporal/Investigator $165,447.32
Flynn, Sean P Police Corporal/Investigator $165,447.32
Williams, Robert Police Corporal/Investigator $165,447.32
Zimmermann, Benjamin L Police Corporal/Investigator $165,447.32
Tolber, Rachel Noel Police Sergeant $165,262.84
Mccue, Donald Archivist Curator $164,388.64
Amount reported on the City’s website Archivist Curator $162,662.20
Bryson, Donald R Police Corporal/Investigator $164,229.92
Holmer, Gregory J Police Corporal/Investigator $164,229.92
Hunt, Robert C Police Corporal/Investigator $164,229.92
Stewart, Aneta A Police Corporal/Investigator $164,091.32
Mcmeans, Todd A Police Corporal/Investigator $159,268.88
Eberhardt, Frederick H Fire Engineer $158,120.69
Mccauley, Stanley W Police Corporal/Investigator $157,361.18
Ortiz, Anthony Police Corporal/Investigator $157,361.18
Byers, Bradley O Fire Engineer $155,720.29
Egan, Joshua P Fire Engineer $155,720.29
Bristol, Nathanial Ray Fire Engineer $154,870.86
Conway, William D Fire Engineer $154,870.86
Corbett, Shawn M Fire Engineer $154,870.86
Toppo, Eva Joy Fire Engineer $154,870.86
Randolph, Christopher M Fire Engineer $154,269.06
Trujillo, Donald A Fire Engineer $154,269.06
Winter, James R Fire Engineer $154,269.06
Gorsline, James S Fire Fighter $154,157.94
Nebel Iii, Regis Charles Fire Engineer $153,909.66
Marquez-Lomeli, Jesse Police Corporal/Investigator $153,484.37
Castaneda, Alesia Maria Police Corporal/Investigator $153,436.79
Ketcherside, Clint W Fire Engineer $152,502.30
Hurtado, Richard Fire Fighter $151,525.03
Leinen, Michael Craig Fire Fighter $151,525.03
Meketarian, Chad Michael Fire Fighter $150,236.11
Wild, Kelwyn R Fire Fighter $150,236.11
Dalquest, Robert Duane Assistant Comm Dev Director $150,026.15
Macdonald, Mark A Fire Fighter $149,634.31
Whitaker, Dustin A Fire Fighter $149,634.31
Burroughs Jr, Steven Robert Fire Engineer $149,412.42
Pelonis, Damion C Fire Fighter $149,274.91
Kuhn, Jeffrey W Fire Fighter $149,194.51
Starr, Stephen H Police Officer $149,161.51
Malsberger, Jaime L Human Resources Manager $149,126.73
Amount reported on the City’s website Human Resources Manager $147,909.76
Bishop, Kelli Marie Police Officer $148,969.46
Budd, Mark W Police Officer $148,969.46
Jimenez, Justin Police Officer $148,969.46
Leyden, Claudia Irene Police Officer $148,969.46
Rinehart, Michael Wayne Police Officer $148,969.46
Castillo, Carlos Alfredo Police Officer $148,887.89
Paredes, Alejandro Police Officer $148,836.29
Rodriguez, Nelson Abraham Police Officer $148,836.29
Mayfield, Chad Police Corporal/Investigator $148,661.42
Elton, Daniel W Police Officer $148,448.78
Baker, Carl E Public Information Officer $148,094.84
Ley, Matthew Benjamin Fire Fighter $147,867.55
Atwell, Joshua David Police Officer $147,752.06
Greeley, Geoffrey Police Officer $147,752.06
Merriman, Michael L Police Officer $147,752.06
Pendery, Eric R Police Officer $147,752.06
Peters, Dale R Police Officer $147,752.06
Smith, Steven R Police Officer $147,752.06
Walters, Rodney L Police Officer $147,752.06
Newman, Travis Robert Fire Fighter $146,136.79
Spurlock, Jeffrey E Police Officer $145,657.08
Dye Iii, William H Fire Engineer $145,341.78
Brookens, Jesse Lee Fire Engineer $145,203.54
Sepulveda, Michael A Equipment Maint Superintendent $145,068.72
Crawford, Natasha M Police Corporal/Investigator $144,737.39
Ontiveros, Jennifer Michelle Police Officer $143,956.82
Gourlay, Cynthia Ann Police Corporal/Investigator $143,740.16
Estrada, Patrick S Police Officer $143,179.22
Merriman, Jason A Police Officer $142,739.42
Ramirez, Orlando Fire Fighter $141,894.34
Pool, Michael K $141,520.81
Harrison, Christopher David Fire Fighter $141,435.55
Cross, Rick Michael Operations Manager $138,572.53
Betty, Jeffrey E Police Officer $138,530.03
Hopkins, Isaiah J Police Officer $138,530.03
Johnson, Nicole Police Officer $138,530.03
Valenzuela, Esteban Wilson Police Officer $138,176.33
Pepper, Richard L Chief Building Official $137,600.81
Herrera, Eduardo A Police Officer $136,958.93
Bristow, Ryan P Fire Fighter $136,862.41
Hannan, Joshua Craig Fire Fighter $136,586.63
Rocha, Frank A Police Corporal/Investigator $135,515.06
Wilson, Timothy R $135,085.33
Leivas, Patrick M Police Officer $134,734.79
Beaver, James A Police Officer $133,517.39
Green, Elyzabeth Lorraine Police Officer $133,517.39
Huizinga, Andrew W Fire Fighter $133,127.72
Cao, Kenny Hung Kien Police Officer $133,096.91
Gane, William Wesley Water Operations Manager $130,202.95
Schwartz, Rebecca Bernadez Water Operations Manager $130,202.95
Figgins, Daniel Dennis Police Officer $129,982.93
Young, Don $129,508.84
Pearce, Howard $128,419.20
Mead, Christopher M Police Officer $127,879.30
Povero, Dominick Police Officer $127,818.47
Gallagher, Ryan L Fire Fighter $127,798.55
Baeza, Manuel Sarafin Princical Planner/Project Mgr $127,308.18
Johnstone Jr, Kevin Gordon Fire Fighter $126,710.21
Miller, Janet Lynn Redev/Housing Project Mgr Ii $126,207.65
Liu, Jaimeson Shaun Police Officer $124,970.29
Alexander, Kyle R Police Officer $123,752.89
Herrera, Christian E Fire Fighter $122,120.94
Fuller, Brent Michael Fire Fighter $121,838.53
Shrive, Kevin J Fire Fighter $121,838.53
Anderson, Mark W Wastewater Facilities Oper Sup $121,695.15
Zysek, Jerry Anthony Water Production Maint Super $121,532.02
Braun, Kimberlee J Riskmanager $121,195.68
Amount reported on the City’s website Riskmanager $121,074.19
Jaquish, Carissa Nichole Police Officer $120,955.54
Mcconnell, Janice Marie Executive Assistant $120,369.68
Mathiasen, Jerome M Fire Fighter $120,210.96
Nacionales Tafoya, Leslie Budget/Financial Analyst $120,104.95
Sardegna, Daniel D Police Officer $119,896.76
Brown, Reginald E Fire Fighter $119,183.69
Weck, Eric Landis Associate Civil Engineer W R.E $118,418.04
Aguilar, Josie Redev/Housing Project Mgr Ii $118,124.75
Reid, Wayne Paul Police Officer $118,053.97
Collett, Alan Kim $115,606.44
Kerns, Douglas Eugene Water Production Plant Super $114,483.24
Dressel, Jason L Fire Fighter $114,477.49
Mielke, Philip D Gis Administrator $114,146.46
Honore, Nietsche Tandalea Purchasing Administrator $113,464.61
Franke, Nathan $113,137.48
Ramirez, Jose Jorge $112,954.64
Creef, Arthur F Associate Engineer $109,860.19
Dysart, Richard Forensic Services Supv. $108,492.11
Victorio, Rodolfo F Associate Engineer $108,129.31
Madera, Sergio E Associate Planner $107,846.29
Hetzel, Thomas Andrew Water Production Plant Super $107,666.90
Lisanics, John Roy Senior Water Treatment Oper $107,428.79
Morse, Kevin Dee $107,191.69
Resh, Tom R $107,191.69
Goff, Wil Christophe Police Officer $106,750.40
Strobaugh, Eric M Police Officer $106,750.40
Correia, David J W W Facilities Maint Superviso $106,251.78
Ausherman, Denise L Support Services Supervisor $106,085.46
Roberts, William P $106,067.21
Guest, Jacquelyn Jean Senior Accountant $104,009.75
Estelle, Lorraine Susan Principal Librarian $103,699.88
Grance, Karin A Revenue Manager $103,449.47
Morales, John A Water Quality Control Officer $103,404.41
Wolfe, Brian $102,388.18
Washington, Archie D Supervisor $100,868.11
Boon, Brenda A Management Analyst $100,213.39