Redlands, California was once called “The Jewel of the Inland Empire.” However, decades of lazy, incompetent, inept, self-serving, and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats have destroyed our once beautiful city. It is time to fight back! The purpose of this website is to provide a means for whistle-blowers (public and public employees) to expose the malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance of these “public servants.”

Redlands Needs To File Bankruptcy

In 2013, Redlands had 196 employees who made over $100,000.00 a year. Furthermore, Redlands had about 52 employees who made more than the base pay of a 4 Star General. Clearly, the problem is not taxes that are too low; it is employees who have an over-inflated sense of self-worth.

  • In 2013, the population of Redlands was 69,999 with 24,769 households.
  • The tax burden was $3,242.94 per person to support the City’s and School District’s employees’ pay and pensions.
  • The tax burden was $9,164.80 per household to support the City’s and School District’s employees’ pay and pensions.
Employer Employees – 2013 Amount – 2013
City of Redlands Employees 574 $50,433,702.00
City of Redlands Pensions 387 $15,527,087.21
Redlands Unified School District Employees 3,077 $134,185,808.13
Redlands Unified School District Pensions 558 $26,856,291.95
Total 4596 $227,002,889.29

Source 9/13/2015: Transparent California

Top 5 City of Redlands Employees Pay – 2013

In 2013, the City of Redlands had 574 employees who received $50,433,702.00 in pay & benefits.

City of Redlands employees that are paid in excess of $100,000.00 – 2013

Employee Name Job Title Base Pay Overtime Pay Other Pay Benefits Total Pay Total Pay & Benefits Year
Nabar Enrique Martinez City Manager $249,737.00 $0.00 $27,805.00 $76,824.00 $277,542.00 $354,366.00 2013
James G Topoleski Battalion Chief $142,399.00 $101,456.00 $28,166.00 $68,944.00 $272,021.00 $340,965.00 2013
Dan McHugh City Attorney $219,638.00 $0.00 $30,458.00 $81,219.00 $250,096.00 $331,315.00 2013
Jeff L Frazier Fire Chief $171,250.00 $0.00 $56,911.00 $100,108.00 $228,161.00 $328,269.00 2013
Mark Garcia Police Chief $205,615.00 $0.00 $22,160.00 $91,128.00 $227,775.00 $318,903.00 2013

Some of these numbers are so large that they are difficult to comprehend. So, let’s take a look at Nabar Enrique Martinez, Redlands City Manager, $ 354,366.00 annual pay, and break it down.
$ 354,366.00 a year
$ 29,350.50 a month
$ 6,814.73 a week
$ 1,362.95 a day
$ 170.37 an hour
$ 2.84 a minute

California’s minimum wage is $9.00 per hour. Nabar Enrique Martinez makes minimum wage in less than 3.2 minutes. That’s 18.93 times minimum wage.

Top 5 City of Redlands Employees Pensions – 2013

In 2013, the City of Redlands had 387 former employees who received $15,527,087.21 in pensions.

City of Redlands employees that receive pensions in excess of $100,000.00 – 2013

Name Years of Service Year of Retirement Total pension & benefits amount
James R Bueermann 31.83 2010 $201,097.32
Thomas P Fitzmaurice 31.18 2010 $199,982.88
Cletus F Hyman 33.6 2008 $184,896.24
John L Habant 29.57 2005 $181,827.12
Larry P Egan 32 2008 $181,746.12

Top 5 Redlands Unified School District employees that receive pay in excess of $100,000.00 a year – 2013

In 2013, Redlands Unified School District had 3,077 employees who received $134,185,808.13
in pay & benefits.

Redlands Unified School District employees that were paid in excess of $100,000.00 – 2013

Employee  Name Job  Title Base  Pay Overtime  Pay Other  Pay Total  Benefits Total  Pay Total  Pay  Benefits
Rhodes, Loraine D Superintendent $183,015.36 $0.00 $10,800.00 $25,740.36 $193,815.36 $219,555.72
Mason, Bradley S Asst. Superintendent $148,896.84 $0.00 $9,106.68 $22,924.52 $158,003.52 $180,928.04
Robertson Phillips, Sabine B Asst. Superintendent $148,896.84 $0.00 $9,106.68 $22,924.52 $158,003.52 $180,928.04
Rivera, Christina M Comprehensive Hs Pri $135,222.42 $0.00 $0.00 $21,797.42 $135,222.42 $157,019.84
Cavanagh, Bernard A Comprehensive Hs Pri $132,642.66 $0.00 $0.00 $23,038.89 $132,642.66 $155,681.55

Top 5 Redlands Unified School District Employees Pensions – 2013

In 2013, Redlands Unified School District had 558 former employees who received $26,856,291.95 in pensions.

Redlands Unified School District employees that receive pensions in excess of $100,000.00 – 2013

Name Pension Benefits Total pension & Benefits
Robert Hodges $183,112.32 N/A $183,112.32
Yolanda Contreras $142,895.28 N/A $142,895.28
Forrest Cullen $129,093.06 N/A $129,093.06
Michael Munoz $123,443.16 N/A $123,443.16
Linda Frye $120,779.64 N/A $120,779.64

News Articles About Redlands’ Financial Crisis

City ends negotiations on retirement contributions
10:00 PM PDT on Monday, April 25, 2011 – The Press-Enterprise

Negotiations to get all nine employee bargaining groups in Redlands to agree to pay 4 percent of their retirement contributions for one year have failed, Mayor Pete Aguilar has announced.

Aguilar and Councilman Paul Foster have been meeting with representatives of the employee unions for about four months. Aguilar said they set a deadline of April 15 for reaching the agreement, which could have saved the city $1.28 million over one year.

Out of nine groups, we heard multiple no’s and one yes,” he said Monday. “The rest were somewhere in the middle.

The employee groups were under no obligation to agree. Most are working under contracts that don’t expire until 2012.

The city pays all of the employee and employer contributions to PERS. …

Pension pressure
10:00 PM PST on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 – The Press-Enterprise

The city now pays employees’ share of yearly pension contributions, worth 7 to 9 percent of salary. A city budget report last month said that requiring employees to put just 1 percent of pay toward retirement costs would save the city $219,000 a year. If employees paid their full share, that step would save the city in excess of $1.5 million a year, judging by the city’s figures — far more savings than all of the budget cuts up for discussion on Tuesday. There is no reason a city awash in red ink should pay any portion of employees’ pension contributions. Private-sector workers have to pay toward their own retirements; asking public employees — instead of taxpayers — to do the same is hardly a Draconian demand.

Redlands should also cut pension costs in other ways, by limiting the size of pensions workers can accumulate and raising the retirement age to private-sector levels.

Police Chief Jim Bueerman, who retired last year after 32 years of service, exemplifies the issue. He will collect an annual pension worth at least 90 percent of his nearly $216,000 salary last year, for the rest of his life — and he is only 54 years old. Such generosity is pricey: The city’s yearly police and fire pension costs combined have grown by about $2 million since 2004-05, totaling more than $6.6 million this year. Yet since 2007-08, the city’s annual revenue has dropped by more than $9 million. …

Paycheck bloat
10:00 PM PST on Sunday, December 19, 2010 – The Press-Enterprise

Redlands’ finances are on an unsustainable course, despite the small bit of good fiscal news the City Council heard last week. Waiting for better times or a taxpayer bailout are not responsible options. Instead, the council needs to confront the city’s central fiscal issue: unaffordable employee pay and benefits. …

That effort has to start with salaries and benefits, which account for 68 percent of the city’s general fund spending. Redlands boosted employee compensation in the 1990s without any way to pay for that increase, leading to perpetual budget shortfalls. …